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First Family Fotoshoot

29 Nov

Here are a few of my favorites from the Normzy family shoot!




Emily and I …(owa)

29 Nov

some images from today of my dear roommate and myself.

eye oh wahhh

28 Nov

Here are some visuals from the trip (and its not over yet!)


The Java Station….aka THE LIE:

Linsey + Molly

Spaghetti Pizza:

The end

For now!


Subartasurex and 106 division

28 Nov

on a mini side note

here are some photos of the sub arts show at calvin where i had a print shown and scenes from my digital photo class @ 106 division where we worked on artificial lighting.

check it:



Well Hello There

26 Nov

Helloooo Iowa.

The car ride was very enjoyable:

improv songs with normz, song voicemails and phone calls, listening to the smooth sound waves of bradley wallace using his batman voice, good talks, many laughs, italian men, super fish, canada, and VIP guest lists.

A real home cooked dinner was refreshing and verrrrry good.

snikers (the dog) is very agreeable….and follows me around


i won at farkle

boo ya.

tomorrow = pie, pie, pie, games, turkey, and more pie, and more games.

andd photos!


25 Nov

its easy to spell.



off to the land of corn….and the normzy family.


Thanksgiving in the Midwest.


Iowa….prepare to meet your Bostonian match.





23 Nov

This is my very close friend SarahJean

She is one of the loveliest people i know.

She has a giving heart and an infectious laugh

She is, in short, charming in every sense of the word.

SJ, you light up my life.