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30 Oct

I have a new goal:

To visit the following Cities/towns:

Sturigs, Michigan

Sturgis, South Dakota (Check…though i should probably go again)

Sturgis, Kentucky

Sturgis, Mississippi

(Sturgis Oklahoma is nothing but farm land so im going to leave that one out.)

Sorry Oklahoma…next time make your towns more interesting.



first stop…

Sturgis, MI


No Frills

29 Oct


We open in a week.

The No Frills Revue that is.

ONE week from today….


crew watch is tonight, we’ll see how that goes. I think once we have an audience to feed off of we will improve 10 fold.

Heres to remembering lines, songs, notes, and choreography!




My roommates and i had a wild life encounter the other day…

check it:





artist statement?

22 Oct

1st draft for class:

You are beautiful. You are unique. You are fascinating.

I strive to take the everyday and turn it in to something exciting. Each moment, every breath, every blink, every laugh is a moment to capture. My approach to photography is based off of capturing the small but very important and theatrical moments of life.  My photography is saturated by my roots in the theatre arts. I create images that tell stories, about you, about your history, about your future. I use my camera as a medium to retain and share the stories of others, a high school senior, a homeless woman and her dog, an airport custodian, a mother, a friend.  I see so much theater in life, I want to take it all in and I want to share it. I’m influenced by performances on stage; the imitation of life is captured so vividly, I work to do the same with my camera.  I often see life as a performance through my viewfinder. There will be comedy, romance, tragedy, and it will all be beautiful because

you are beautiful, you are unique, and you are fascinating.


20 Oct

Happy Happy Birthday Brother.

love you.



19 Oct

i want:

-to be closer to God.

-to be a better friend

-to make people laugh

-to be motivated

-to take shooting to the next level

-to be creative

-to be taller

-to let His love in

-to rejoice in life.



18 Oct

In an attempt to keep people and things updated…i have joined the blog world.

I’m not a very good writer so words will be few but photos will be plenty.

Here goes,