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27 Apr

also these were taken in the chuck-E-cheese parking lot.





25 Apr
In and out burger -- Check
Miss sundee photoshoot -- Check
Antique fair -- Check
Hang at the nest -- Check
Get a sunburn -- Check
Go to target/payless and by sweet stuff -- Check
Meet Alyssa -- Check
Go to Biola -- Check
Adventure Monday -- Check
Banana Bread / Bananagrams -- Check

Go to Hollywood Boulevard/see the stars -- Check
See Santa Monica -- Check
good times with BJC and Kelsy -- Check
so far
so good.


23 Apr
See ya G-Rap...

Helloooo LA.

5 days of beth and sunshine. 

bring it on.



3 Apr

My freshman year at Calvin I took a photo of myself in the mirror.

I completely forgot about it until i found myself in the same situation a year later (almost exactly a year later to the day , my hair the same way(mostly) the same bathroom lighting, and I figured, Why not do this every year?

So I did.

I’m documenting my age.

Yesterday I  took my 3rd photo.

check it:



1 Apr

T-minus 3 weeks.