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Lately :: catching up

20 Mar

With Hamlet going on, being a senior and trying to maintain my sanity the blog has been neglected.

But here is a taste of what I’ve been up to, with more detailed posts to come!

Spring break means: photo catch up time!

enjoy the visuals of late.


So yes, friends, family, whoever you are who reads this…(Jennie). I DO exist. look a picture of me…proof!

stay tuned.

for much much more.



Wednesday // Wars.

21 Jan

I get to control the rat.


take photos of these crazy talented people.

some stills from the run through today

Toads! Beetles! Bats!


it’s good to be back in the chaos that is theatre.


7 Mar

more chair photos/practicing for actor headshots.

Hes a goof.



4 Mar

check it.


not a lot of city shots…

but ill be back.

dont you worry.


21 Dec

The first photoshoot of break was with my good friend steph.

We went downtown in Copley sq. to do some actor headshots.

She rocked the camera.

And Leslie was a ballin helper! (thanks!)

It was wicked cold and the wind was crazy so we got some really funny outtakes

Check it:

And a session fave:



23 Nov

This is my friend steve.

He’s an actor.

He’s got great eyebrows.

These are a few his head shots from Saturday:

I am a wolf.

12 Nov

a Chechin wolf.

i am number 6.

i am over joyed.