Archive | February, 2010


19 Feb

new hair.

and the sun was out.

a miracle

needless to say.

Oh Michigan.

how you torture me.




Happy Secrets & Chris

13 Feb

This is Chris.

This is Chris telling me about future plans.

This is Chris sharing wonderful secrets with me.

This is Chris in love.

if only you knew what he was holding!

(sorry Lauren…loveyou.)


The Chair: SarahJean Edition.

13 Feb

I’ve taken to photographing my friends in the vintage-y brown swivel chair closest to the balcony doors, where the light is good.

I love watching the range of emotion change in each photo.

Its real.


i like it.

SarahJean today:

look at that smirk.




11 Feb

i couldn’t help but photograph Ainsley when she came over for a little bit today.

The light, her shirt, her personality. I felt the need to document it.

I really love these images and feel the need to share.

Simply because Ainsley is a lovely human.

love you Ainse.

The end.