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We grew up.

29 Dec

My favorite picture from the holiday season.

Hands down.

(Click to view big)


A Boston Senior.

23 Dec

Say hello to Kelly! (and her sister Lia!)

Another senior from my old high school.

It was very cold, again! But we got a lot of great images!

Here are some of my favorites!

Thanks for a great shoot Kelly!




21 Dec

The first photoshoot of break was with my good friend steph.

We went downtown in Copley sq. to do some actor headshots.

She rocked the camera.

And Leslie was a ballin helper! (thanks!)

It was wicked cold and the wind was crazy so we got some really funny outtakes

Check it:

And a session fave:


Nikon Festival Competition!

16 Dec
Hello my friends!
I have recently submitted a video to the Nikon Festival, Your Day in 140 seconds or less!
and i need your help!
I need to get lots of views and comments on it so i can kick some competition behind!
I would love if you could help me out!
All you have to do it sign up to comment here:
then you can search for my video by typing in: Sunday.
follow this link to my video:
and write a comment about what you think!
and Rainn Wilson is one of the judges….i mean c’mon Dwight from the office will be looking at my video…so help!
Thank you lovely people!!
tell your friends too!!!!
-Leighanne Evelyn.


15 Dec

murder photos:

One day.

15 Dec

Here is my final digital photography project.

compiled of 966 still images of my entire day yesterday.

enjoy it.

its fun.

feedback is good.

here are some stills from the shoot:


14 Dec

Last night my apartment threw a murder mystery christmas party!

It was epic.

I was the french maid (bien Sur!) and i was murdered at the party… also epic.

photos will be up soon.