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Emily. // A Portrait.

27 Jan

we have been reunited.

my camera has found its best friend again

and she is lovely as ever (with her straight bangs.)

Ladies and Gentlemen, once again, I give you




Two at 13

24 Jan

for my documentary class:



Baur Power // Wedding edition

21 Jan

Beth and I tag-teamed once again and had the honor to shoot Jason and Corrie’s December wedding. It was  nothing less than a beautiful day.

Jason (julllyyyyy) and Corrie(TRUEEE) you are both wonderful.

Way to kick of the new year with love! (and some serious dancing!!)


Wednesday // Wars.

21 Jan

I get to control the rat.


take photos of these crazy talented people.

some stills from the run through today

Toads! Beetles! Bats!


it’s good to be back in the chaos that is theatre.

Abby and Objects.

20 Jan


This is Abby:

She is a fellow Hungary traveler and she has this [[awesome blog]]  that you need to check out!

Its all about people and objects that are meaningful to them.

She is great. Her project is great. And you are great for checking it out.

twenty ten.

19 Jan

So here it is, two thousand and ten via photos (to make up for the past 6 months that I’ve been in Hungary.)

Here are some of  my favorites some seen and unseen (in no particular order).


Happy 2011.

Heres to a shiny new year

and to getting things done in twenty one one!



twenty-six // a tribute.

9 Jan

On January 8th, 1985 the world was changed, for better or for worse, that is your decision. This is a tribute to the birth of a friend, happy birthday to you and heres to your 26 years of wreaking havoc on this world (and i mean that in the nicest way possible). I raise my hand in honor of you today and will waddle the first person who talks to me after i finish this post.

to you.

happy birthday joseph.