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Dearest J,

30 Jul

This is Jennie.

Shes visiting for the week.


I lovee youuuu jennnaaayyyy.

❤ L


The faces of First Congregational Church of Revere

26 Jul



Give it a shot….

24 Jul

Ask me anything.


Royal Bhaktapur // Marcus Julius

23 Jul

I got some more scarves from Niki of  Royal Bhaktapur to shoot for his company website! (check the scarves/shawls out! they are awesome and free trade!)

Watch out ladies!! here is Marcus rocking these like theres no tomorrow.

Marcus…you were born to be infront of a camera.

Gentlemen….don’t you want to buy a scarf?




21 Jul

The many faces of luke.


Jamie and Chris

20 Jul

I had the honor of second shooting a wedding for my ridiculously talented best friend Bethany Joy !

The wedding was lovely.

Here are some of my favorites.

Cousinly love ^^


Jamie, Chris, congratulations. It was a pleasure to photograph your lovely day.




20 Jul

huzzah a new blog post! my bad for not updating in a while…for those of you who read/view this. (ps thanks for doing that)

Here are some selects from the huge reunion Boston College held in June.  It was essentially a two day long party of epic proportions.

The end!

and yes there will be more posts coming atcha!