remember remember the month of November

17 Nov

This past weekend was closing weekend for the musical …so my cousin came to visit!

It doesnt get any better than :

– family guy voices

– petting kittens

– taking photos in the secret spot

– basking in the November sun on the porch

– making fake mustaches.

– enjoying QT with the cuz

– and watching my roommates drool over him

– pwning in scene it

– breaking rules

– smorg

– strike

– strike after party

– and making up songs about clothing choices.

I love November!

(ps if you keep saying November over and over….it doesnt really sound like a word anymore…its a strange word)


for your viewing pleasure:

@ bdubs

jessie is lovely.


love these cats!

Normz being somewhat attractive again.

i locked them out…bahaha. i won….cause im stronger.




One Response to “remember remember the month of November”

  1. squareoflife November 23, 2009 at 3:15 pm #

    well, its official.
    i want mikey.

    post more things.

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