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11 Feb

Since we were cooped up inside for the past three day I figured I’d give freelensing a go. Thanks to the lovely Rebecca for being a good sport! (note: some times she comes on shoots with me to help, hold reflectors, hold lenses as I change them, and she is ever willing to be my model when I need to test the light – love her!) Okay so here is my first attempt at this freelensing business: ImageImage





Friends Don’t Let Friends Shovel

9 Feb

Ah. My poor neglected blog (Don’t worry there is a new blog/website in the works with Sara Seeton Photography and Courtney Keim Photography!!)

SO what better way to start blogging again then a blizzard of epic proportions. My housemates and I live on a huge hill in Reveaaahhh (Revere) – we got snowed in – so we had to shovel ourselves out. The following images are the before and afters of our 2 hour shoveling excursion. Enjoy:




There you have it! It was much more brutal than it looks…although I think my hair says it all (it was frozen by the time i got back inside and somewhere along the way I lost my red scarf).

Also while we wait for my new blogsite to be doneeeeee go check out my facebook page for the latest photo updates and keep on the look out for my new site! (EEK YAY).