Kelly + Jack :: engaged

24 May

Hello World! It has been quite some time since I’ve dusted off the old blog! I’m working on a fancy new one thus, my attention had been elsewhere. However!!!! Love is a good (great, amazing, wonderful, breath taking) reason to blog again. It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to Kelly and Jack! Both schoolmates of mine – Kelly and I met overseas in Budapest, Hungary – She was studying for the semester in Romania and Jack and I met in our documentary class the January after i returned from Hungary. A while later I got an email from Kelly saying she was getting married!! (yay!!) And that her groom to be was Jack!! I was so excited – in fact, I still am! It is clear that these two lovely people are in love. A lot of couples that pass in front of my camera are shy, uncomfortable with themselves, and uncomfortable with each other (totally understandable – being photographed is a scary thing sometimes!) But not Kelly and Jack. They just were themselves, fully and truly. It was amazing to watch them just be in front of my lens. It is obvious that they were made for each other as they casually chatted about life, Jack cracked jokes while Kelly laughed, as they climbed a giant fallen tree branch and jack hung upside down from it, and when asked to look right at each other, you could see it, right there in front of you – love. These two are wonderful adventurers who are going to change the world. Shortly after tying the knot this June they are moving to Romania! Watch out world here they come!




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