jennie + phil :: engaged

25 Jan

World, meet Jennie + Phil!

I have known these two love birds for quite some time now. Phil is a fellow New England-er and Jennie and I became insta-friends on Valentines day five years ago. It has been an honor to watch their relationship grow and blossom into what it is today. While the two of them appear from first glance to be complete and total opposites, the more you get to know them you will see that they simply fit together. Jennie the tall, blond, classy, teacher, very dutch girl-next-door and Phil the Irish-Italian, east-coaster, rowdy, sport-loving, military, mans-man. But like two puzzle pieces, like a good book and tea, like the patriots and the super bowl, like Price William and Kate, they go together. While they are very different, they do share many things. With the exception of when he is watching sports Phil, like Jennie has a quiet, introverted disposition, they have an equal passionate love for all things puppy related, they love Jane Austen, they are kind, loyal friends, and in general just beautiful people and they are both extremely awkward in front of a camera (well Jennie more than Phil).  I am so blessed to know them and to have the distinct honor of being ::in:: their wedding. While I will be busy bridesmaiding it up and will not be taking their wedding photos, I had the pleasure to take their engagement photos. So here they are, enjoy enjoy enjoy.

J + P, I love you both and am so excited to be apart of your wedding day and everything else before/after that.




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