Branden + Kristi :: Married

25 Dec

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope this blog post finds you well and celebrating this day with your dearest friends and family.

This is a giant blog post, i suppose i am making up for the lack of posting on here, so here it goes.

In October, I had the distinct pleasure of photographing Branden and Kristi’s wedding along side my dear friend Johnathan Stoner (who is also newly married!!). I have known Branden from the start of my freshman year and we have had many an adventure together, including spending the fall semester of our senior year in Budapest, Hungary. So it was with great joy and excitement that I could document the beginning of his newest adventure, marriage. The day was nothing less than wonderful. It started the day before the wedding with a drive down from Grand Rapids, Michigan to Cincinnati, Ohio where us photographers bonded, chatted, slept in the back seat, and i got to know Laura (Stoners wife, who rules!)! The wedding day was kicked off at a salon where Kristi had her hair done and the rest of her bridal party got their nails done, all accompanied by lots and lots  of Starbucks. Lets just say right now, that Kristi is absolutely  stunning, i mean really, it should be illegal how beautiful she is. I’d like to think it has to do with her Greek heritage, which of course, we share. (p.s she makes the best spanakopita i’ve ever had.) Then the ladies and I went to Kristi’s home and Mr. + Mrs. Stoner headed out to photograph the men. At Kristi’s house the ladies got ready, hair, make up, the works. Also all of these ladies, so lovely and very photogenic. To top off the relaxing morning we were taken to the church in a limo, so fun! We met up with the groom/crew and did the first look, bride+groom portraits, and group photos, followed by the lovely ceremony in this amazing church in downtown Cinci, and the bride and groom were whisked away on a horse drawn carriage, brilliant. Of course the reception was just as lovely as the rest of the day and there was much fun and frivolity to be had on the dance floor. Oh! AND Greek dancing, which made my heart leap and made me think of home…and my high school graduation party (OOPA!). It was an honor to be apart of Branden and Kristi’s day. I am so very happy for them and am excited to see what adventures they have in store together! And as always it was wonderful and easy shooting at Jonathan’s side, we make a good photo tag team.

Enjoy these images, I am very pleased with how they turned out. Branden and Kristi I love you both andddddd Merry Christmas!

And you too reader! Merry Christmas to you and yours.




2 Responses to “Branden + Kristi :: Married”

  1. Abby December 26, 2011 at 8:51 am #

    Great job Leighanne! The photos came out fantastic- that was such a fun day and it is well captured 🙂 I love it!!

  2. Carol Veldman Rudie January 4, 2012 at 4:13 pm #

    Thanks so much for terrific pictures, Leighanne! You have such a creative eye. May you grow in your artistic gift and use it to bless others. We are especially grateful for the nice shots of the “supporting cast”! And I will always love black and white.

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