The Holy Grail of Grills || Advanced Photo Gallery

8 Apr
Think of your idols, think of the worlds idols; money, sex, power, religion, food.  Food.  How often do we forget that we idolize food; we center our lives around it. We willingly raise up to the heavens our Big Macs and onion rings and in a way, worship them. We revisit the holy grail of grills three times a day, anoint ourselves with the greasy oils of the golden deep fried manna. We admiringly look up to our smiling self raised icons and walk faithfully to the golden arched gates of paradise where the king of processed meat awaits us.

We place these icons of fast-food glory as high as our religious beliefs. These portraits are a convergence of our glorification of food and the famed religious icons we encounter in worship. Our cartoon saviors wear the sacred robes of faith, these characters bear the load of being as equally influential as images of the Virgin Mother. In the images you see an absurd meeting of two worlds of icons, royalty, comfort, joy. However different religion and fast-food may seem at a first glance, these aspects of our daily lives share deep connections and when they connect, images such as these are born, created, and ready to be served with an extra large coke.
Come check out the whole classes work at Calvin’s Gallery : 106 Division  located in down town Grand Rapids

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