Math, Religion, & Fast Food :: A Preview

21 Mar

So here is a little math equation for you to give you a clue of what my advanced photography group project is about.

But first:

A few specs:

– the advanced gallery project theme this year: Food.

– its a portrait series

– inspired by the works of Cindy Sherman and Ron English

– the group consists of my photo pals Stoner, DK, and myself..thus our group name is LSD. (yeah, clever.)

– the images will hang in Calvin’s 106 Division Gallery!

– You will encounter such characters as Wendy, Ronald, The King, Big Boy, and the mysterious cow boy hat.

– You will also encounter The Virgin Mary, Jesus Christ, God the Father, Satan, and The Holy Spirit.

So heres our creative mind via math: (yes artists can do math…)

So that equals something like this:

enjoy the sneak peek!

yours yours yours,



One Response to “Math, Religion, & Fast Food :: A Preview”

  1. bethany Cissel March 22, 2011 at 11:47 am #

    im so excited to see this project come to life! so so cool.

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