Kenzie :: Kappa Heart

20 Mar

For the first time in 4 years I genuinely love every time i come home to my apartment.  Does living in a renovated apartment with a dishwasher and a giant bathroom and not being in the dorms or Delta (that smells like natural gas) help that? why yes, yes it does. But the truest, purest, loveliest reason is due to my perfect apartment-mates. We are all the same person on different levels of intensity. You should already know Ainsley, who is just the best roommate anyone could ask for. We have taken to collaging every surface of our room and have already spread to the bathroom, kitchen, and living room soon there wont be single inch of white wall in our entire apartment. We laugh, cry, eat string cheese, and drink blueberry flavored things together…and wear the same outfits. This summer we will continue our adventures and our deep love for eastern Europe and babies in Timişoara, Romania working in an orphanage taking care of babies!   The other half of my kappa 6 heart belongs to Kenzie. Her stunning face, super cute tooth jewel,  incredible voice, amazing Indonesian cooking, seemingly endless closet, her random assortment of friends that fill our kitchen and living room, and the fact that she laughs at my jokes makes her a  joy to live with. Her soul shines bright.  This, my dear friends, is the ever lovely Kenzie. Brace yourselves, put a seat belt on, this ones a beaut.




One Response to “Kenzie :: Kappa Heart”

  1. bethany Cissel March 22, 2011 at 11:47 am #

    those eyes!

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