She said yes…duh.

13 May

My very dear friends Chris and Lauren are FINALLY engaged.

After a long wait and secret planning, and a brilliant idea for the proposal, it happened!

Chris asked to spend the rest of his life with Lauren at the theater company banquet yesterday and thanks to my sneakiness earlier in the day she was totally caught off guard. (you’re welcome)

(Note: Chris was dresses as Donkey Kong and Lauren was dressed as a "red hot mess," which is my opinion totally
suits their personalities to be dressed up as goofy things on the day of their engagement.
Do i sense a themed wedding?....i think so.)

It was wonderful.

I am overwhelmed with happiness for them, my heart sings!

I am honored to be a part of their wedding and so very excited to stand up next to them on their amazing day!

And as of now, I get to stand on the guys side. Watch out boys, here comes the coolest grooms…lady you’ve ever seen!

Watch out for their engagement photos sometime in the near future. Its going to be ballin.

And heres a look at the ring.

Simple and elegant, a perfect fit.

And heres the bride to be

Congratulations my friends

I can’t wait to see you start your lives together.

Lovelovelove, all my love,



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