2 Mar

This past weekend i was in the windy city.

Some fellow theater lovers made our way to chi-town to see Andras Viskys I Killed My Mother. (

You need to see this show at somepoint in your life.
It will change you in profound ways. Andras is a brilliant man. I am happy to call him my professor!

And we also saw a 6 hour adaptation of the original 16 hour long german opera of The Ring Cycle. also brilliant. (

Check that out.

its incredible.

my mind was blown!

Pictures will follow.



One Response to “Chi-town”

  1. squareoflife March 2, 2010 at 5:18 pm #

    sounds like a great weekend.
    do you still see yourself living in
    chicago one day?

    love you.
    glad i answered the phone
    last night while i was out.
    even if i heard your voice
    for like 2 minutes.
    you make me laugh
    more than anyone else
    in this world.
    did you know that?

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