9 Nov

I went on a shoot for Niki today with Emily D, Emily N., and Katie.

Niki owns his own business selling scarves/shawls made by crafts people in nepal. Its all free trade and child-labor free and benifets the community in Nepal!

check out his website:

heres a little  bit more in detail:

Royal Bhaktapur is a small family enterprise which was established in 2005. When visiting Nepal from several sites we were asked what we could do for Nepal. This question was natural as we have close ties for over 25 years’ the request was simple. Can we, Royal Bhaktapur, promote Nepalese handmade products, which are custom made? As we have a good knowledge of culture and intensive contacts since many years, we will be able to find good quality products, suitable for export. The local craftsman and small entrepreneurs will benefit from this trade.”


Its pretty amazing!

I took product photos for the scarves and had my lovely future model friends help me out.


photos soon!



I also had a mini session for beta 8…aka my friend Tricia and her roommates.

They are all lovely and were easy to photograph!!

good job guys!


Photos here:


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